Cannot find TeamBuildCATNet.dll


The release version of CAT.Net did not include the TeamBuildCatNet.dll file that wraps CATNetCmd.exe to provide the MSBuild tasks used in the included build targets file.
I suspected this would happen; possibly because MS has better plans for integrating these features in the future release of Team System (i.e. TFS power tools).
There are a few options:
  1. Write your own TeamBuildCATNet.dll version. The wrapper to the CATNetCmd should not be a too big job to do it yourself. Take any sample code for writing a MSBuild task and see how it can be done.
  2. I can upload it to the source code location and make it available for download. I suspect Ms won't like it since they have specifically excluded it from the release version. The dll does not belong to me so I can't re-distribute.
  3. Wait for Ms to release the dll in a future release. Not sure if that is practical since Ms may never do it or even if they did it could be quite a while.
    I would say write your own version of the dll. Ask me on the forum for help if you get stuck. I will try to spend time and write it myself if possible in my schedule.