Complete working sample

Jul 20, 2010 at 6:43 AM

I've been bit busy with other work due to which I have not been able to update this project. I have not even uploaded a working sample of my script to demonstrate what I'm saying does work.

So here is the deal:

  1. I will post more updated documentation with a how to use this script with hopefully TFS 2010.
  2. Source code for a custom TeamBuild task which I will write to wrap around the CatNetcmd.exe currently packaged with Cat.Net release.
  3. I will hope to get the script compatible with the latest release (v2.0) is due to release very soon.
  4. Source code for the WSS application to upload the reports to a TeamProject portal list
  5. A complete working sample with reports

Well, since I have not done much on this project for a long time most of you may not have confidence in the above claims. I hope to do my best and cover all of the above before the release of Cat.Net v2.0. That should be a good enough challenge.